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Friday, October 14, 2016

CAD cable harness and crowded car scenes with Maya and Arnold

For this commercial we animated some cable harness, that get embeded in some CGI cars. 
The cable were originally CAD data. Unfortunately the CAD data was too complex to get rigged and be animated. Hence the cables were just remodelled extruded tubes with the CAD plugs attached to them. 
The rig was just a simple bone setup with many joints and without any control curves. 

The crowded scenes with all the animated cars were animated Arnold stand-ins. The crowd animation with all the people were created using Adobe Fuse. The animation was motion capture data, that was prerigged and animated with Mixamo. 

Here is a  deleted scene, which showed how an electronic plug is used. The 3D is completely CAD data on filmed backplate footage. 

Complete clip after the break

created at Fiction Film GmbH



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