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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Robot rigging with Maya and live actor integration

For this project I did the rigging, lighting, shading and animation of the 3D Scenes.


In this sample scene I tested the rigging of the robot. The rig is a simple setup by just grouping the individual robot arms together and making sure that the pivot points are at the right place.
I also tested the shaders on this rendered animation. The rendering was done with mental ray.

Since we had a real actor presenting and interacting with the robot, I had the task to previsualize the complete film with Maya. The animation is very rough and is only ment to give a rough representation of the final film. The timing is also very rough and varies from the final films.
The character was created with Autodesk Character Generator and rigged with HumanIK.

Here is the complete playblast of the film:

Here the final result:

created at Fiction Films GmbH
client: KUKA



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