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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Maya toon car driving test and some proxy renders with substance shaders

just a quick test of a toon shader rendered with mental ray outlines. Also created a parking lot and rendered it with mi render proxies to be able to handle all the geometry. All in all it was about 20 Million polygons, since I also used Maya fur for the grass.
The plants were downloaded from Autodesk seek and the ivy created with the ivy creator.

All textures were created with the substance shaders in Maya 2012.

It was just a test to implement a toon car into an environment, so its nothing final, just a test.
Also tested the capabilities of craft animation plugin for Maya.
Just messing about with it :)

We later used it in a project at Fiction Films.

Parking lot proxy render with toon car and substance shaders:

Some wireframes and the proxy geometry:

the parkinglot lamp:

grass bit and concrete bit of the parking space:

The car park as proxy geometry:

here just driving around in Maya :)

closeups of the toon shader:



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