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Sunday, April 18, 2010

[PHOTOS] Vintage car meeting ACM "Unter der Bavaria" 2010

Today the Automobile Club of Munich ( ACM ) hosted the traditional vintage car meeting below the Bavaria statue in Munich.
Was there as well of course :) Took plenty of photos.

Complete gallery here

just a small selection:


DiaNItA said...

I love the yellow car

Thomas Lauterjung said...

yes indeed a nice car :) its a De Tomaso Pantera :)

Sudeep said...

Nice oldies..

R.J said...

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Thomas Lauterjung said...

thank you :D

J. said...

One of my coworkers is selling one of classics. Shes drove to the office in it a few times. She even told me I could take it for a ride if I wanted to. You can take a look at the pictures if youd like.
Personally, Id much rather have an audi...but seeing these cars like this....I love them all. Thanks for posting the pictures!

Rudraksh Pathak said...

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Tommy said...

Cool post and nice blog!

If you'd like to check it out, here's a link to mine:

brooke said...

Like all the cars.. cool.


Corelito said...

yep, love the yellow car ;(

Anonymous said...

The yellow car is my favorite. God Bless you!

Adi said...

M u i e la iehovisti, mormoni si atei!


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