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Sunday, July 26, 2009

[3D] Dittschberger Bier ad - testing shaders

Well just added some textures and shaders to the bottle and the Pils glass for the custom made Dittschberger beer ad.

Well here is just a render with the shaders. The glass, bottle and beer are just simple dielectric shaders with just some textures attached to it via layered shader.
The foam is just a fast simple SSS shader with a little bump. Im rather happy with the result. Foam isnt very easy. Once animated I probably need a different method for the closeups.

Here I just added some particles with dynamics in order to get some fizzy beer:

Well in order to get the CGI beer a little refreshing I added some condensation water droplets. However I think I added too many. The droplets are just Maya paint effects and I didnt change the shader for it. Those are just basic Phong shaders, probably will change them once.

Didnt do any caustic or occlusion pass yet, its just WIP.
Here the wireframe:


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Cool Portifolio.

kap13 said...

That looks great dude. Which company is this for?

Thomas Lauterjung said...

Hi Saf. Well thats actually just for myself, for my portfolio.
But its a slow process. I only find time on the weekend, and if the weather is nice I rather go outside :)

How are you ?

kap13 said...

I'm good, thanks. Yeh today is a bit gray here too. The add looks great so far by the way. Is the snail going to be drinking the beer (or is he for a different project). I can't wait to see it.

Thomas Lauterjung said...

Yep snail and beer go together :)

I explained it here :)

Rafiq said...

hey man...i would like to take this beer with u.....NICE WORK.


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