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Friday, June 12, 2009

[VIDEO] Maya snail rig - test animation

Just did a quick test animation of the snail character rig. I mostly tested the facial blendshapes. Might not be an accurate animation, but its just a test anyway.
Also updated the snail body shader by changing the subsurface scatter on the skin. The moisture look on the skin was just created by mixing the subsurface shader with a blinn that has a transparency and a reflection map on it.

Here the test animation:

External HD links:    HD stream @ vimeo      HD stream @ youtube     Webarchive link [right click save as to download quicktime .mov file ( 50MB )]


kap13 said...

That's cool dude

SdShomo said...

Very cool animation. Could you place the same animation on a green chroma key background?

Thomas Lauterjung said...

Well since its animation, you can render it with alpha channel so there is no background. no need for chroma keying :)


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