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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

[GRAPHICS] Animated short WIP - creating some props

Well created a few props for my animated short Im planning. Well its only some fairly basic stuff. In fact I only created a beer glas and a beer bottle. Nothing fancy.

My idea is using my snail character in a custom made commercial. You may think, snail and beer does that fit together? :-)
Well I think so. My main inspiration comes from this old Guinness ad about snail racing as well as the reactions of a drunken snail .
Somehow found it hilarious.

Well my beer campaign will advertise a beer company that doesnt really exist. Dont want to offend anyone of course. I am actually using a fictive beer brand that is used in a German comedy called "Dittsche". ( imdb or Wiki)
Dittsche was created by comedian Olli Dittrich for the WDR, who plays an unemployed visiting his favourite chip chop. There he philosophizes about everydays life , while drinking his favourite beer called "Dittschberger Pilsener".

Well to make things short. Created some beer bottle, bottle cap and glas. Still needs some little work as well as shaders. Creating the beer foam will be interesting:

Also vectorized the beer label for the glas and bottle:
( since its comedy they actually wrote on the label that the beer comes without cadmium )



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