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Saturday, March 21, 2009

[RIG] WIP snail rig - first rigging test

Well since Im doing a placement at FictionFilms I only find time over the weekend to work on my animated short.

Just created a rig for the snail character. Its still work in progress, just did some test rig. It rather works quite good in my opinion, although I still need to bind the clusters to the curves, do the paint weighting, create some blendshape for the facial expressions and clean up the overall rig. Besides I need to adjust the positions of the Local Rotation Axes on the joints and create some control curves.
But Im happy with the first result.

Initially I wanted to rig the body of the snail , so it can hide in its house. Will try it with a blendshape, but I probably wont need that function for my animation.

Here two screenshots:

the test snail rig, the snail house will just be parented to the root joint:

the skeleton :



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