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Thursday, September 4, 2008

[SHOWREEL] My Maya Modeling Showreel 2008

External HD links:

HD stream @ Vimeo

HD stream @ youtube

My Maya modeling showreel at the webarchive
Modeling showreel download (right click save as) [Quicktime HD720 H264 244MB]


ThunderbolT said...

I am admired with you and your team's work... I've begun in august to have some classes in Computer Graphics, and this world full of mathematics turned into a passion. Congratulations to you and to everyone involved on this work and Ruffles. This time I appreciated the silly and weird parts of an animation as a demonstration of what an artist/programmer can do.
Congratulations again, and keep up the good work =)

Thomas Lauterjung said...

Thank you :) , also good luck with your course.

ThunderbolT said...

Hehe, I'm used to say "Leave luck to whoever needs it."... Good training would be better lol. And sorry to not give only to you the credits for the showreel, tried to use a few words on that phrase and it became a bad thing.

Thomas Lauterjung said...

lol yep so true :D and no worries about the credits thing :P

ThunderbolT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ThunderbolT said...

Oh, just one more thing: What is the artist/title for the music used on this showreel? It is quite impressive... Or I am quite impressionable =P
Have a nice weekend, Thomas =)

Thomas Lauterjung said...

Hi sorry was offline for a while.
Well the music I used is by a Folk metal band called Folkearth and the song is called instrumental .
The whole song is on Youtube:

its sometimes hard to find a fitting song to s reel. :) Thought this would fit somehow.


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