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Friday, July 4, 2008

[RENDER] Victorian town Maya test renders

These are just a few test renders of the Victorian town for the animated short "Ruffles".
The UV layout and textures have not been done at this stage, so every item still got the default lambert attached.

Market stalls, street lamps and other street props were modeled by Safa Tharib; his website can be found here: his blog link can be found in the link list.
Train, buildings, water pump and other 3d items that were posted in my blog were created by me.

The whole town, most action will happen at close up, so there are building with no back site to save poly count:

the market road:

market place seen from the tree:

near the station, with water pump and fountain.

inside the train staion and the "Iron Duke" steam train model:

view from the city gate into the town:

the tree, the magpie's favourite place :) , ivy created using the ivygenerator


Therapy said...

nice animation.. very realistic.. you can find some animation also @ see yah!

Safa Tharib said...

Nice plug therapy, nice plug indeed. I think I prefer the animation on Animation and More.


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